Congratulations on your engagement! Now comes one of the most exciting parts: planning for your big day! Despite the happy occasion, this level of preparation and organization can leave some people feeling overwhelmed or stressed out and they could use a helping hand. Others may love the Pinterest boards and Google docs that come with wedding day prep, but know they will need assistance coordinating all their hard work on the big day. 

wedding planner

ChoosE the planner who fits your style

If your budget allows for it, a wedding planner can be an enormously valuable asset to you for whatever your needs may be. Here are some recommended steps to take when choosing a wedding planner. 

Establish the Personality of your Wedding

A good place to start is to figure out what you want the look and feel of your wedding to be. You will be much happier with a wedding planner that has already executed weddings with similar requests before. Consider making a list of 3 important wedding traits, things you would consider to be non-negotiable. Your list might be:

  1. Religious ceremony
  2. Outdoor, tented reception 
  3. Rustic but soft

This will help you narrow down your search as you research potential planners. Social media, Yelp, etc. make it easier than ever to find the wedding planner that will work with your desired look and feel. 

Make a List of Your Essential Needs

This might seem obvious, but when interviewing a planner, start with the essentials. Are they available on your wedding day? Are they within your budget? Do you want a full-service planner or maybe just a day-of coordinator? Once the basics are established, you can ask more in-depth questions about how they run their business. Some questions to consider would be things like:

  1. Do you handle rentals?
  2. Do you handle staffing, if so how many people will be there?
  3. How do you handle payments and billing?
  4. Do you have a contingency plan in case you are sick the day of?

Agree on Communication Style 

Do you work a stressful job 9-5 and don’t want to be bothered with small details? Or do you see yourself wanting shared excel documents, Pinterest boards, and an active text chain? Some planners are going to be comfortable taking your ideas and running with them, while others may prefer a more steady level of communication with you. 

Make sure this kind of detail is discussed, as too much or too little communication can become an issue. 

Vibe With Them Personally

Trust your gut. This is a monumental day in your life, after all. The right planner can make all the difference. When you met with them, did you feel an easy and honest connection? Was the back-and-forth good? Did you feel like they heard you and understood your vision?

A good connection is imperative. Things can go wrong and stress levels can get high, so having a trustworthy and confident relationship with your planner can be a real lifesaver in those stressful moments.

Determine the Level of Service You Need

Maybe you need assistance planning your wedding from start to finish, and a full-service planner is the right fit for you. Or maybe you enjoy working all the details yourself, but just need someone to make sure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day. If that’s the case, Willowood Ranch offers Day-Of Coordination services. Your personal coordinator will handle all of the details of your event so that you can focus on enjoying your day.

At Willowood Ranch, we want your day to be perfect. Choosing the right planner can require a little work, but with the right person, your wedding will be a magical, memorable day that is free of stress and full of fun. 


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