Blissful, open, loving…. This is what we all hope for when planning a church retreat but let’s be honest, it can be hard to find the right place that meets our needs.

First things first! What ARE your needs? What should you even look for when trying to plan your church retreat? There is a lot to consider and we know this can be overwhelming. You need a space to come together in fellowship and worship, room to spread out for quiet contemplation, and amenities that let you focus on the important. so let’s go over some baseline things to think about to can ensure your retreat is a success.

Planning a Meaningful Church Retreat

Outdoor Opportunities

Taking in the grace and beauty of the outdoors can be essential to a successful church retreat. Many people find peace and happiness when they can surround themselves with God’s gift of nature. Having ample space and outdoor areas can be crucial for a church retreat. Be sure your guests who might need help navigating outdoor terrain have a helping hand!

Here at Willowood Ranch, we are blessed with over 350 acres of fresh air, green pastures, and the glory of nature! Perfect for retreats of all sizes. 


This may seem obvious, but your guests can’t clear their minds if things are messy or cluttered. They deserve to stay somewhere that is properly looked after, so always check reviews for things like sheet and bathroom cleanliness (Pro-tip! Hit Command + F on your computer and you can search for keywords on any website. Type in any words you think will help you make your decision!)

Worship Space

While glory can be given anywhere, your guests might find it extra special if you choose a location with a beautiful centerpiece for worship. Your guests will be blown away if you bring them someplace gorgeous to sing their praises. 

Willowood’s chapel features floor-to-ceiling stained glass windows that will leave you and your guests truly breathless. It’s a perfect place to experience the presence of God and give thanks.

Staff on Hand

Navigating a different space is hard! Finding a location that offers on-site staff to help can make all the difference. While this service might not always be available, you might lean towards a facility that has staffed help, so you can focus on your guests. 

On-Site Lodging

If your retreat is planned for a weekend or even a week, then proper housing is essential! Not only that, but AFFORDABLE lodging for your guests is crucial. Make sure your location can handle all of the above and accommodate a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Do I smell S’mores?

Spots like Willowood Ranch can easily house all of your attendees and will accommodate trips of all sizes and stay lengths. 

We know you’re working hard to plan a lovely and inspirational time at your next church retreat! We truly believe that if you want it to be spectacular, you can follow our tips to provide your guests a memorable, meaningful experience.

Interested in hosting a church retreat at Willowood Ranch? Let us know! Our space is beautiful, quiet, and fully equipped. Your guests will love it here; hope to hear from you soon!

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